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Employer:  ASAP Expo, Inc.

Job Title:  Design Director

Job Site:  9436 Jacob Lane, Rosemead, CA 91770

Full-Time:  40 hours per week

Job duties:  Supervise, instruct, and monitor interior designer and design staff in performing the following duties:
Analyze data, study the feasibility of project proposals and determine the architectural designs that can be produced will be practical, aesthetic, and conductive to intended purposes.  Perform architectural design computations, specifications, and compile data for architectural assignments.  Review and analyze building codes to ensure the designs are in compliance with legal standards.  Design technical drawings, details, layouts, sections and schematics for all stages of the design process through utilization of 3D designs, Revit, CADD Drafter, and Form Z, CAD; and utilized these 3D design/Revit skills and image manipulation software packages to satisfy the various levels of presentation required.  Research and investigate potential new materials, finishes, manufacturers, fixtures, mechanical and electrical construction processes, Building Code, Health Code and Regulatory Issues.  Monitor architectural design progress and ensure all standard equipment specifications (including all technical and dimensional information for design purposes) are accurately included in all design plans for submittal to Boards of Health, Building Inspectors, and Code Enforcement Officials.

Education Requirement:  Master degree in Interior Design or Architecture.

Experience Requirement:  None.


To Apply, send resume to:
Attn. Frank Yuan
ASAP Expo, Inc.
9436 Jacob Lane
Rosemead, CA 91770